Service Policies & Procedures

2020 April-Till date

1. Four Sessions will be conducted in one month.        

2. Course Duration: Basic- 6 Months    Intermediate:  6-8 Months ( Fees is revised for Advanced Course)

3. Class method is in comprehensive language ” Staff Notations” Group class Conducting Method of students depends on assessment/ course level/ Introductory classes. 

4.Payment or Fees shall be be paid in Advance in starting ( by first week) of Months. 

5. Leave is only accepted from next month. More than one month leave indicates discontinuation of student.  A fee is assessed for re-enrolment.


Payment Process:

Mode of payment via bKash/iBanking/Deposit

bKash: Send money to Personal Number needs 2% Extra Charge on the Net Amount. ex: 5000+100

Numbers: a) 01671585181 b) 01684571109  * share transaction details after payments

Bank A/C: will be shared upon request

Receipt will be whatsapped to the primary number


* Fees and information given are accurate at the time of writing but subject to change by the authority at any time which will be sent in text to parents. In the event of major society announcements regarding diplomatic or non-diplomatic issues, incident or natural disaster affecting the institute’s operation, the institute reserves the right to cancel class.
* Institute will remain closed on Govt. Holidays (including Weekends)
**  If you have  inquiries regarding classes or other administrative issues, you’re requested to contact here at Blue Note contact – 01684571109
* In case of inperson or physucal class, Class method, Scheduling and lesson plan were different. ex: 8 Students were conducted in- inperson class from Institute for one hour for once a week class(4 lessons in a month)

  The Policies and Procedures remain the same whereas Enrolment /Registration/ Payments process are virtual amid Covid-19 situation*