Policies & Procedures:

1. Class Attendance:

Students are highly encouraged and expected to attend classes regularly following usual timing. Faculty members are not required to makeup lessons caused by student absences; however, should a teacher misses a lesson due to any circumstance, that lesson will be made up at a time which is mutually convenient with the student and teacher. A student who knows of necessary class absences should consult with Admin/ operating Officer or Instructors.

2. Course Information:

All courses from different departments are offered in three different course levels.

Basic: 6 Months

Intermediate: 1 Year

Advanced: 2 year+

3. Payment Process:

Mode of payment in cash/ bKash/iBanking/Deposit.

To follow a smooth payment cycle, parents or student is requested to pay monthly fees by the first weekend/ first lesson day of every month. Fees Reminding texts are sent to primary numbers provided in Enrollment form. In addition to current charges of fees, it will be revising after the Intermediate (each) Course.

A physical copy of money receipt must be received from the institute or will be WhatsApped on Primary Phone Numbers during every payment.

The monthly payment is charged in advance.

4. Leave or Dropping Classes: 

A student might be dropped from the usual timing/ slot due to absences in four consecutive classes or one month. The consequence of such a situation is counted as discontinuation of student so that it will be getting to the bottom with re-enrolling. New timing might need to be given due to slot issues while resuming lessons.

A fee is assessed for the student for reregistration.


Fees and information given are accurate at the time of writing but subject to change by the authority at any time which will be sent in text to parents. In the event of major society announcements regarding diplomatic or non-diplomatic issues, incident or natural disaster affecting the institute’s operation, the institute reserves the right to cancel class.

Institute will remain closed on Govt. Holidays (including Weekends)

Online Class amid Covid-19 Situations 
2020 April-Till date

Online classes have flexible class timings throughout the week according to the availability of slots and convenient timing scheduled between Faculty – Students mutually. Class method is Individual (preferably via Social Applications such as WhatsApp ). Full method of conducting class will be described by respective faculties before enrolling students. 

The Policies and Procedures remain the same whereas Enrollment /Registration/ Payments process are virtual  & Books will be provided via Pathao amid Covid-19 situations.

(you may have brief making a call if there is any inquiry regarding Online classes)