Asif Iqbal

A famous lyricist, a music producer and a business professional. He has been actively involved in music scene of Bangladesh since 90s. A highly regarded contemporary lyricist who has written songs that are highly acclaimed by wide segments of people. Many of his written songs have been super hits and some of them have even become iconic in Bangladesh’s music history. A great organizer, had pioneered in organizing music TV reality show in Bangladesh by organizing the first ever ‘Close Up 1’. A music producer and one of the directors of leading music production company ‘Gaanchil’.

Quazi Farhan

Blue note has definitely helped me come out of my shell and has opened the gate to my passion This institution has taught me each and every element and techniques to become a musician. The education and the love from the wonderful teachers is something I'll cherish forever!

Quazi Farhan / Former Drums Student
Dameer Khan

I remember my first day at Blue Note like it was yesterday. The smell of freshly polished wood and the twang of the newly bought guitar strings. The echoes of empty rooms, soon to be filled with budding talents from around the city. The joy of creation was only just beginning to latch onto the backbone of this school. Little did I know what was to come soon after. A few years down the road, I have managed to get a deal with a German label and have my songs be internationally distributed. All in total, the one song that I have put out has amassed more than 400,000 views on the internet. I owe this success to this magical school. Blue Note taught me the fundamental skills needed to be a skilled musician, but moreover gave me the emotional and philosophical teachings that taught me how to be a skilled artist. So many immensely talented musicians have been produced in this institution in just a few years, and I expect many more to come down the line, and experience the success that I have been lucky enough to achieve. I have to thank my incredible teachers; Arif sir, Shishir sir, Arefin sir and everyone else for not only helping me achieve musical excellence, but also for teaching me humility, honesty and passion for art. Special thanks to Shabbir bhaiya for being the glue that holds everything together. I love you all dearly and hope the best for Blue Note in the future!

Dameer Khan / Composer, Artist, Song Writer
Anika Rashid Khan

I have been singing since I was 3 years old, but I have never had enough help to do anything with the voice that I have. Blue Note has given me a platform to make myself better as a vocalist.3 years and counting, it has become my second home. I have prospered and moved onto learning musical instruments from this institution. I love spending my time around the people here and being a part of this school

Anika Rashid Khan / Guitar and Vocal Student

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