Blue Note

BLUE NOTE was founded in 2012 by a group of highly regarded musicians of the country. It is the first institute in Bangladesh to offer comprehensive professional music courses and teach the fundamentals of music. Here the students can choose and learn different genres of music. In a time span of one year Blue Note has managed to establish its credibility as professional western music school in Dhaka. Since our inception we have been striving to maintain our quality and professionalism. Our intention is to make our courses as per internationally followed methods and our curriculums are developed accordingly. We give high emphasis on how to read and write music with staff notations. We feel communicating music with internationally followed notations is very important for our students to achieve international standard of music.

The teachers of BLUE NOTE have the ability to unleash the musical potential of individual students and thus enable them to create and nurture music that suits their own individual talent. Our dedicated teachers are focused on the development of each student personally to ensure correct techniques are adapted for individual student as per requirement. With years of experience and association in the music industry, our teachers will ensure our students have the best music experience with regularly scheduled concerts, performance of bands, competitions and examinations.

Visiting Faculty:

As a way forward we have decided to expose our students to top notch visiting musical faculties every term. You will be pleased to know that we are working on establishing an affiliation with two extremely high standard Spanish musicians Mr. Mariano and Mr. Juan who have already visited and run a small workshop with our faculties. They have expressed keen interest to work with our school and help develop western musical concept in Bangladesh. We are looking forward to incorporating some of their recommendations to leverage their musical insight and expertise in our school. We are extremely hopeful that this kind of intervention will enable our students to develop a profound knowledge in music by adopting internationally recognized methods and techniques.

Certification Program:

We have also arranged for internationally recognized certification program for music by the Trinity College of London. Blue Note has entered into an agreement with the representative of Trinity College of London who is an accredited examiner to arrange for examinations in Dhaka on behalf of the school. The first batch of our students have already appeared for Music Theory Certification examination in November 2013.

Performance Opportunities: Blue Note is committed in organizing performance opportunities for the students. With the experience of performing at concerts and other events, students will be motivated to enhance their skills and aim to improve their performance repertoire.


What made us making Blue Note?

Being musicians we felt the need for a proper music school in Dhaka where one can learn music in internationally followed music language. We believe that to know how to read and write music is one of the basic requirements for any musician to understand and communicate music internationally. Besides we thought that there is need for a music institution in Dhaka which should build a bridge between internationally reputed music institutions to enable the talented musicians of our country to get exposure to the international music standard. Keeping these thoughts and vision in mind Blue Note has been established.